API Resources & Tools

Google offers a suite of development tools on various platforms. Browse the links below to access resources.

API Resources

Spotify API - The Spotify Web API return JSON metadata about musical artists, albums, and tracks.

WhatsApp - For businesses, the WhatsApp Business API powers communication with customers.

Linkedin API - Enables apps to connect to user accounts, data, connections,groups, communications, and social streams.

Pinterest API - Enables apps to view the most clicked-through Pins, view related posts, and user profiles.

Twitter API - Enables an app to interact with most of Twitter's functions.

Tumblr API - Create new ways to use Tumblr with access to content, likes, followers, and drafts.

Flickr API - Search through user Flickr content, contacts, upload or replace photos.

Meetup API - Integrate Meetup groups and the corresponding data with larger apps or websites.

Foursquare API - Use the API to access Foursquare's places database detailing users and merchants.

eBay API - Search eBay categories, post things for sale, display listings on other sites, and search bidder information.

SoundCloud API - Build apps that allow users to upload and share sound online.

WordPress API - A variety of ways to extend WordPress through plugins.

Yelp API - Find geographically-oriented data, search by highest ratings, distance from location.

Dropbox API - Allows your app to sync files and data with Dropbox, accessing Dropbox users.

YouTube Data API - Search YouTube videos for various metrics, including thumbnails, views, and channels.

Vimeo API - Search for data on videos, groups, channels, albums, and activity

Vimeo PLayer SDK - Enables you to interact with embedded Vimeo players through the code in your web page.

Wikimedia - Access resources such as text, summaries, and images from Wkipedia pages.

Communicating with APIs

An application programming interface (API) defines the kinds of calls or requests that can be made, how to make them, the data formats that should be used, and the conventions to follow. It can also provide extension mechanisms so that users can extend existing functionality in various ways and to varying degrees. Network-centric software APIs have now proliferated to almost every realm of human enterprise. Even relatively simple mobile applications are often coded on top on an entire suite of related and overlapping software component APIs, comprising what is now referred to as a solution stack.

With the mobile ecology beginning to dominate everyday usage, JavaScript rose to increasing prominence within the HTML5 landscape. Specifically, focusing on Web APIs, which allow a web server to interact with third-party software, it is the case that the web server is using HTTP requests to communicate to a publicly available URL endpoint containing JSON data. JSON is a common, open-standard file format with a diverse range of applications, often serving as a replacement for XML in AJAX systems or to interpret data received from API calls. JSON is a language-independent data format. It was derived from JavaScript, but many modern programming languages include code to generate and parse JSON-format data.

Google Maps API

We will implement a map with some custom markers, info window, event listeners and we will optimize the code so that we can easily add new markers with new properties.

Wikipedia API

In this coding challenge, we attempt to make a Wikipedia web crawler in JavaScript. It randomly crawls from topic to topic on Wikipedia using the API and the p5.js library.


This project will show you how to work with JSON data from an API, including how to load JSON data with fetch() and update DOM element.

APIs - Using Javascript

Learn how to work with APIs. In this example pertaining to open weather map, we cover how to form API queries, and wow to interpret the data the API sends you back?

XML, JSON, Python

In order to use APIs to enhance your website, app, or software offering, you need to be at least familiar (but not necessarily highly skilled) in a programming language. Given the large number of examples online, and question forums like StackOverflow, you should be able to reason your way through implementation.

On top of reasonable command of a programming language, you need to study either XML or JSON, the language of the results output. Then, you need to make sense of that output, perhaps reformat the results, and do searches using the fields given. Browse the following python examples.

python split string
python if else
python write to file
python date and time
try except python
python remove element
install opencv python
python read json file
python iterate dictionary key
concatenate dataframes pandas
python virtual environment
python list to string
switch statements python
python sort list
python dictionary methods
csv python write
code how pandas save csv file
python string to int
formatted string python
random number python
python pip install
python beginner practice
for loop python
python date format
how to define functions
python to exe
what is a tuple in python
enumerate in python
python pandas drop

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Space Automation Developer (Programmer)
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html Coder
Resmatic Inc.
We have an ongoing need for HTML coders working offsite on a CONTRACT basis. Hand-write basic, clean html code on a contract basis.
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Junior Developer - My first job
Wants to work with top tier clients with technologies such as React, Node, JS, Elixir & Rails. An amazing culture that emphasizes employee growth through…
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Hatchery is looking for experienced HTML/CSS/JS web developer. We are looking for someone who can hit the ground running with hooking up our API to the frontend…
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Front-End Web Developer (Remote Work Options)
Shelter Insurance
We are committed to delivering seamless, intuitive experiences, including responsive websites. Develop new user-facing features.
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Computer Programmer
Orthodontic Center LA
We are looking for a computer software engineer or programmer with extensive experience or knowledge with STL files and digital models of teeth.
30+ days ago
Creating HTML Pages in HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript/jQuery. Maintenance of the sites and updating them. Ensuring design colours, fonts, images are in tune with…
9 months ago
Remote Web Developer (PHP / SQL / HTML / Programmer)
\*Phone / video interview required for qualified candidates. PHP (80-90% of your workload will be programming in procedural PHP). I use views & joins regularly.
11 days ago
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