Chinese Instruction

Chinese lessons given by native speakers. With focused study, and daily practice in speaking the Chinese language, you can gain basic fluency in just a few months.

Chinese Idioms

  1. 不可得兼 (bù kě dé jiān): 'you can’t have both at the same time.'
  2. 桃李满天下 (táolǐ mǎn tiān xià): 'to have students everywhere.'
  3. 囫囵吞枣 (hú lún tūn zǎo): 'to swallow information without assimilating it.'
  4. 狼吞虎咽 (láng tūn hǔ yàn): 'to brush away food like a wolf.'
  5. 与众不同 (yǔ zhòng bù tóng): 'different than the crowd.'
  6. 星火燎原 (xīng huǒ liáo yuán): 'a single spark creates a blaze.'
  7. 举目无亲 (jǔ mù wú qīn): 'to be a stranger in a strange land.'
  8. 四海为家 (sì hǎi wéi jiā): 'to make every place your home.'
  9. 焕然一新 (huàn rán yī xīn): 'to take on a completely new appearance.'
  10. 顺其自然 (shùn qí zì rán): 'to let nature take its course.'
  11. 无所不谈 (wú suǒ bù tán): 'to talk about everything under the sun.'
  12. 我行我素 (wǒ xíng wǒ sù): 'to stick to your own way of doing things.'
  13. 忙里偷闲 (máng lǐ tōu xián): 'to find time for pleasure between work.'
  14. 见利忘义 (jiàn lì wàng yì): 'to forget integrity so as to achieve gain.'
  15. 火上加油 (huǒ shàng jiā yóu): 'to throw fuel on the fire.'
  16. 大惊小怪 (dà jīng xiǎo guài): 'great fuss over something ordinary.'
  17. 知行合一zhī xíng hé yī): 'the union of practice and knowledge.'

Language Jobs

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Online Language Tutor
Transparent Language
All tutor applicants should have strong foreign language teaching experience. Online Language Tutors shall have responsibility for assisting students in…
2 years ago
Language Specialist
U.S. Department of State
Skill at writing target language(s). Must have experience in translation of Mandarin Chinese language into English. Background checks and security clearance.
4 days ago
Language Specialist
US Department of State - Agency Wide
Skill at writing target language(s). Must have experience in translation of Mandarin Chinese language into English. Background checks and security clearance.
4 days ago
Online Part Time Chinese (Mandarin) Language Instructor
Hills Learning
We are looking for part-time language teachers with a passion for sharing their cultures, and an aptitude for teaching their native languages.
26 days ago
Foreign Language Instructor
Central Intelligence Agency
In addition to base salary, you can earn annual incentive pay based on the language and your language proficiency. At least a 3.0 GPA on a 4-point scale.
6 months ago
Chinese (Hong Kong) Language Consultant
Native-level understanding of target language and culture. Help audit the landing pages of TV shows and movies for streaming apps in your native language.
7 months ago
Remote Chat Specialist
We are seeking positive and energetic people who understand the importance of great customer service and enjoy being on a computer and around technology.
4 days ago
Language Translation from Simplified Chinese to Spanish
We are looking for a tech-savvy Simplified Chinese to Spanish translator, who is a native speaker of Spanish. Review Simplified Chinese to Spanish translations.
5 months ago
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