German Instruction

German lessons given by native speakers. With focused study, and daily practice in speaking the German language, you can gain basic fluency in just a few months.

German Idioms

Idioms tell a lot about the German people and culture.
Here's a list of commonly-used German idioms below:

Ein Affentheater aufführen
- To perform a charade.
English meaning: to exaggerate.

Dort tanzt der Bär
- The bear dances there.
English meaning: something is going on.

Unter einer Decke stecken
- To put under a blanket.
English meaning: to engage in a secret operation.

Das Ei des Kolumbus
- The egg of Columbus.
English meaning: Easy solution for a problem that appears difficult.

as Haar in der Suppe suchen
- Search for the hair in the soup.
English meaning: notice the negative aspects.

Ich glaube mein Schwein pfeift
- I think my pig whistles.
English meaning: That’s absurd.

Es is alles in Butter.
- It is all in butter.
English meaning: Everything is ok.

Da fresse ich glatt einen Besen.
- So I smoothly eat a broom.
English meaning: I can’t believe it.

Da haben wir den Salat.
- We have the salad there.
English meaning: Now we have a problem.

Wir sitzen schōn in der Tinte
- We sit beautifully in the ink
English meaning: We are in a bad situation.

Das geht ab wie Schmitz’ Katze.
- That goes like Schmitz’s cat.
English meaning: That is fast.

Das ist mir Wurst.
- That is my sausage.
English meaning: I don’t care.

Schwamm drüber.
- Sponge over.
English meaning: Don’t worry about that.

Mein zweites Ich
- My second I.
Use to say: My alter ego.

Das ist Jacke wie Hose.
- That is the jacket same as trousers.
English meaning: there’s no difference.

Alles auf eine Karte setzen
- To put all on one map.
English meaning: Put all your eggs in one basket.

Knall und Fall
- Bang and fall.
English meaning: Suddenly. Without prior notice.

Die Kuh vom Eis holen.
- Bring the cow off the ice.
English meaning: Get out of a dangerous situation.

Das sind zwei Paar Stiefel.
- Those are two pairs of boots.
English meaning: Those are two different matters.

Sports Vocabulary

Learn the German vocabulary for talking about sport with this free online video course. An experienced German teacher will guide you through with step-by-step explanations.

Fruits & Vegetables

This is really good way to learn the names of common foods.

German Conversation

Follow along, listening carefully, and you can learn how to speak in German.

100 German Phrases

This video will teach you common german phrases, including nouns, adjectives, and common German verbs that you must know.

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