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Italian lessons given by native speakers. You can master the Italian language by copying Italian teachers, and practicing at home.

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Supermarket Conversation

In this lesson you will learn the vocabulary and useful phrases for shopping in a supermarket in Italy. Io sono pronto per fare la spesa in supermercato in Italia.

At the Post Office

Learn what to say at the post office in Italy. Really a great effort to help out beginners.

Italian in 30 Minutes

Follow along, in order to learn some common Italian words and expressions faster.

Italian A1 Level Test

Here is an Italian A1 level test. Don't worry if you don't know some of these topics, take it as a starting point to review.

Italian Idioms

Idioms tell a lot about the Italian people and culture.
Here's a list of commonly-used Italian idioms below:

Trovarsi fra l’incudine e il martello
- To be between the anvil and the hammer
English meaning: Between a rock and hard place.

Hai voluto la bicicletta? Allora, pedala!
- You wanted a bike? Now, pedal!
English meaning: It’s your own doing. Deal with it.

Sputa il rospo
- Spit the toad
English meaning: Speak up.

Colto con le mani nel sacco
- Caught with his hands in the bag
English meaning: Caught red-handed.

Alla come viene, viene
- It comes out as it comes out
English meaning: It is what it is.

L’abito non fa il monaco
- The dress does not make the monk
English meaning: Clothes don’t make the man.

Calare le brache
- To pull down one’s pants
English meaning: to chicken out.

Chiudere bottega
- to close up shop
English meaning: to give up.

Avere un cervello di gallina
- To have a hen’s brain
English meaning: shows poor judgment.

Cane non mangia cane
- Dog does not eat dog
English meaning: It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

Avere le braccine corte
- To have short arms
English meaning: Not generous.

Caduto dalle nuvole
- Fallen from the clouds
English meaning: Taken by surprise.

Tale padre, tale figlio
- Such father, such son
English meaning: Like father, like son.

Tutto fa brodo
- Everything makes broth
English meaning: Every little thing counts.

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