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Spanish lessons given by native speakers. Get ready for some butterflies, pack your bags, and come with us on a trip in the sun.

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Double Your Speaking Time
How To Say Sorry
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How To Make Jokes In
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100 Verbs
Do You Say Beber Or Tomar
Native Speakers
Tener: To Have

Tu y Usted
Spanish Expressions
How To Use: Me Gusta
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100 Spanish phrases

In this lesson, you will learn Spanish phrases and questions that are used every single day. You will learn the common ways to greet, to wish people, to state your opinion, to talk about time, actions, plans, regrets, to talk about yourself and others, and much more.

Ser or Estar

In English you have the verbs "to be" and in Spanish, there are two equivalente verbs for this verb to be: ser & estar. In general terms, in Spanish, you will always use the verb "ser" if you are going to talk about long term qualities. You will use the Spanish verb "estar" if you are going to talk about temporary qualities. In addition, the verb "estar" will always be used to specify your or someone else's location.

Common Questions

Start asking questions in Spanish right now! A fast and easy Spanish lesson for tourists travelling to Spanish-speaking countries. I will teach you how to ask 10 useful questions in Spanish. Ask: "Where is the bathroom" in Spanish "¿Dónde está el baño?" with correct pronunciation.

Ordering Food

Avoid making common mistakes while ordering in Spanish. Use the most common phrases to order food while on vacation in Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish Animated Tutorials - Free

01 - Singular Nouns: Gender and Articles
02 - Nouns and Articles: Plural Forms
03a - Subject Pronouns: Present Tense of -ar Verbs: Negation (Part 1)
03b - Subject Pronouns: Present Tense of -ar Verbs: Negation (Part 2)
04 - Asking Yes/No Questions
05 - Describing Adjectives: Gender, Number, and Position
06 - Present Tense of ser; Summary of Uses
07 - (Unstressed) Possessive Adjectives
08 - Present Tense of -er and -ir Verbs; Subject Pronouns (Part 2)
09 - Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns
10 - Tener, venir, preferir, querer, and poder; Some Idioms with tener
11 - Ir; Ir + a + infinitive; The Contraction al
12 - Hacer, oír, poner, salir, traer, and ver
13 - Present Tense of Stem-Changing Verbs
14 - Reflexive Pronouns
15 - Present Progressive: Estar + -ndo
16 - Summary of the Uses of ser and estar
17 - Comparisons
18 - Direct Objects; Direct Object Pronouns
19 - Indefinite and Negative words
20 - Formal Commands
21 - Indirect Object Pronouns; Dar and decir
22 - Gustar
23 - Preterite of Regular Verbs and of dar, hacer, ir, and ser
24 - Irregular Preterites
25 - Preterite of Stem-Changing Verbs
26 - Double Object Pronouns
27 - Imperfect of Regular and Irregular Verbs
28 - Superlatives
29 - Summary of Interrogative Words
30 - Using the Preterite and the Imperfect
31 - Relative Pronouns
32 - Reciprocal Actions with Reflexive Pronouns
33 - Hace... que: Another Use of hacer
34 - Another Use of se (Unplanned or Unexpected Events)
35 - ¿Por o para? A Summary of Their Uses
36 - Tú (Informal) Commands
37a - Present Subjunctive (Part 1): An Introduction
37b - Present Subjunctive (Part 1): An Introduction
38 - Use of the Subjunctive (Part 2): Influence
39 - Use of the Subjunctive (Part 3): Emotion
40 - Use of the Subjunctive (Part 4): Doubt and Denial
41 - Use of the Subjunctive (Part 5): A Summary
42 - Past Participle Used As an Adjective
43 - Present Perfect (Indicative and Subjunctive)
44 - The Subjunctive After Nonexistent and Indefinite Antecedents
45 - The Subjunctive After Conjunctions of Contingency and Purpose
46 - Future Verb Forms
47 - Subjunctive and Indicative After Conjunctions of Time
48 - The Past Subjunctive
49 - Stressed Possessives
50 - Conditional Verb Forms
51 - Si Clause Sentences

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