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Given sponsorships, product reviews, and the YouTube partner program, you don't need a huge subscriber count to make money on the platform.

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Pat Flynn

As Pat Flynn once said, I'm the crash test example. As I journey towards YouTube success, I will document all the steps I took, so that you can study my example and learn to generate your own independent income streams.

The Sunrise Startup Program - $279, by The Grouch on the Couch

Get your life in order. First, it sure would be nice to develop several independent income streams. There are many, simple steps that you must follow in order to get this done. The first step is understanding the examples set by successful individuals. Choose your targets, and let's study the patterns that have been shown to work.

Beyond the requirements of income, at whatever level you set for yourself, you will soon find that wealth isn't so central to happiness as most poor people think. You still have to deal with health and intimacy in order to to truly be satisfied, and die with no regrets.

  • Music Production, 10-year old boy, boy groups, girl groups, Haschack Sisters, tours, contests.
  • Spanish Music Production, 10-12 year old boy, boy groups, tours, contests.
  • Language - English ESL - mmmEnglish, then Spanish, French, Portuguese, Thai, etc. Need foreign-speakers on staff for landing pages, and doing central, focal site in their languages.
  • Self-Help - study and summarize Tibetan Buddhist and Christian teachings, Feel-good, character, Psychology Tony Robbins, Love - Deepak Chopra, MD.
  • Dating, Relationships skits, Saturday Night Live, use humor, stories, Character, Alpha Standing, not about tricking or seducing, it's about generating value and advertising, real examples, pick up, but also intimacy, kids, lifestyle.
  • Money, Investing, Student finance, Find your place in society, careers, interviewing, Kiyosaki, Income Streams, MLM, Kevin Trudeau, start a company, start a course, a program, seminars
  • YouTube - How To: Thumbnails, Video Editing, Cameras, Set Design, Content, Marketing.
  • Vegetarian Cooking - show, Cookbook, food purity, gardening, making yogurt, cheese, bread, fruit preserves
  • Fitness - Athlean-X, men's and women's, bodysculpting, Fitness Marshall, girls' gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, cooking, Weight-loss, Fat Movement, Anti-fat Movement - Jeff Cavaliere, health
  • Beauty, Cosmetics Reviews, Skincare, Hair, Routines, Natural Cleansers, Toners, bags, shoes, jewelry, fragrance.
  • Men's Fashion reviews, tutorials, Cleansing Routines, Men's Beauty Products, Natural Cleansers, Fragrance, watches, shoes, jewelry.
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