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Review painting, sketching, and drawing concepts. It's never too early to begin creating a portfolio of your best work.
Oil Painting
Painting Tips
Oil Painting Techniques
How To Paint Still Life
Oil Portrait Tutorial
Painting The Portrait
Oil Painting
Trees Painting In Oil
Flamingo Oil Painting
African Elephant Painting
Great Blue Heron Oil
Inspired By Landscapes
Oil Painting With Lachri
Black Swan In Oil
Time Lapse Eagle Owl Oil
Oil Painting Lesson - Painting Dark
Speed Painting - Oils
Winter Owl - Oil
Oil Over Acrylic Portrait

Creative Textures
Acrylic Painting With Lachri
Painting A Cheetah & Goldfish In Acrylics
Acrylic Painting Lessons
How To Paint A Beach
Painting A Yellow Flower In Acrylics
Zebra In Acrylic
Surreal Turtle And Space Acrylic Painting
Panpastel Owl Demonstration
Acrylic Painting Art Critique - Tips
Painting A Fox In Acrylics
Painting A Tiger In Acrylic
Tiger And Water Reflection Painting
Italian Greyhounds In Acrylic Paint
Paint Clouds & Water Reflections
Painting Goldfish In Acrylics
Hugo Grenville Painting School
Painting From Life In Acrylics
Asian Elephants In Acrylic
Acrylic Painting Lesson - Cheetah

Breaking The Rules Of Watercolour
Figurative Watercolours
Pure Watercolour
Simplifying Watercolour With John Hoar
Da Vinci Maestro Sable - The
Watercolour Landscapes
The Magic Of Flowers
The Challenge Of Watercolour
Jean Haines At Jackson's
Winsor And Newton Artist Watercolours
Modern Watercolours Introduction
Painting White Flowers
Jean Haines At Jackson's
Mix Skin Tones - Daniel Smith

Art Supplies
Trekell Products
Glazes With Trekell
Lettering Set
Brusho Watercolors
Pro Colored Pencils
The Types Of White Paint
Encaustic Wax
Paper & Card
Single Pigment Colours
Golden Acrylic - Fiber Paste
Acrylic Gel Medium Intro Set
Professional Spray Paint
Coarse Pumice Gel
Golden Acrylic Fine Pumice Gel
Making Art Supplies
Handmade Pigment Sticks
Cobra Water Mixable Oils
Sennelier Coloured Inks
Boards & Panels
Smart Art Box
Storing Your Artwork Safely
Watercolour Brush
Acrylic Modelling Paste
Jackson's Synthetic Mottler Brush
Faber-Castell Colour Pencils
How We Make Pencils | Faber-castell
Painting And Drawing Supplies
How To Varnish
Oil Painting Supplies

Acrylic Painting Color Techniques
Creating A Hard Edge Acrylic
Brushable Isolation Coat
Control Acrylic Drying Time
Art In Lockdown: Gold Leaf On
Taking Risks With Watercolor
Experimental Drawing
Make A Drypoint Print
Relief Printmaking
Still Life Drawing Charcoal
Pastel Painting Of Pear Fruit
How To Use A Liner Brush
How To Paint Fur - Acrylic
Mixing Cadmium Red Light
Cobra Water Mixable Oils/a>
R&F Pigment Sticks
How To Apply Aerosol Varnish
Oiling Out By Winsor And Newton

Drawing Portrait With Charcoal
Portrait Drawing Step By Step
How To Draw A Portrait
Drawing A Portrait Of Young Man
Girl Portrait Drawing In Charcoal
Little Girl Portrait
How To Draw Girl Portrait
Girl Portrait Drawing In Graphite
Girl Portrait Drawing
Learn To Draw Old Man Portrait
How To Draw A Beautiful Girl
Drawing Portrait With Charcoal
Portrait Drawing By Master Artist
Beautiful Girl
Portrait Drawing From Photo
Portrait Of Girl With Blowing Hair

Drawing & Illustration
Colored Pencil On Black Paper
Draw An Apple
Pencil Drawing
Improve Your Drawing Skills
Colored Pencil Macaw Drawing
Colored Pencil Cherries
Colored Pencil Blending, Layering
Bird In Colored Pencil And Airbrushing
Graphite Tutorials
Graphite Pencil Drawing
Colored Pencil
Tips For Drawing A Face In
Prismacolor Vs Caran D'ache Luminance Colored
Surreal Orcas & Earth In Colored Pencil
Lyra Polycolor Colored Pencil Review And
Drawing A Lion In Colored Pencil
Colored Pencil Tutorial

Figure Drawing
Proportions Of The Face
Sketching For The Beginner
How To Draw Hands
How To Draw A Beautiful Female
How To Draw The Female Eye
Eyes & Expressions
How To Draw People - Female
How To Draw Eyes Of Women
How To Draw Hair - Stylish
How To Draw And Sketch People
Begin To Draw People
How To Draw A Cheerleader
How To Draw A Gesture Pose
How To Draw Posture For Beginners
How To Draw A Person Laughing
How To Draw A Standing Pose
How To Draw A Fairy
How To Draw A Retro Cartoon
How To Draw Backgrounds
Draw A Gothic Castle

How To Draw The Female Face
How To Draw Female Legs
How To Draw The Hand
Guide To Drawing Anime:
How To Draw An Anime Style
How To Draw A Female Body
How To Shade The Face Step
How To Draw The Ear
Different Expressions
How To Draw Anime Eyes
How To Draw A Funny Girl
How To Draw A Cartoon Kid
How To Draw A Female Superhero
How To Draw A Superhero Face
How To Draw A Villain

How To Draw Cute Manga
Staedtler's Guide To Manga
Kawaii Girl
How To Draw A Manga Girl
How To Draw A Beautiful Manga
Draw Manga Cat Girl Neko For
How To Draw A Pretty Woman
Handsome Manga

Cartoon Animals
How To Draw Cartoons
How To Draw Beginner Level
How To Draw A Cat Cartoon
How To Draw A Puppy
li> How To Draw A Terrier Dog
How To Draw A Bunny Rabbit
Draw A Manga Girl
How To Draw A Fish
How To Draw A Horse
How To Draw A Panda
How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon
How To Draw A Hippo

Graphic Design Job Openings

Los Angeles employs the most graphic designers, while New York City runs a close second. It is estimated that the number of graphic design jobs will increase by 15 percent over the coming five years, with interactive media being the fastest-growing field. The following links provide job listings which are updated daily:

Links below list current openings:Starting Salary
(up to)
10 Year Salary
(up to)
3D Animators$51,850$69,580
Camera Operators$46,150$84,500
Commercial Designers$59,340$92,970
Craft Artists$41,450$63,210
Fashion Design Jobs$23,540$64,760
Film and Video Editing$58,100$91,720
Fine Artists$47,100$89,390
Graphic Art$43,830$69,730
Interior Design Jobs$48,000$88,760
Logo Design$49,840$78,220
Media and Animation$31,850$65,580
Motion Graphics$48,330$62,450
Photography Jobs$31,830$76,640
Producers and Film Directors$68,380$115,410
Product Design$63,800$83,910
Set and Exhibit Designers$21,680$47,730
Toy Design$54,080$75,500
Visual Art$41,440$57,390
EMPLOYERS:     Post Jobs     Search Resumes

Coroflot.com lists over 80,000 graphic design portfolios, and currently has almost 1,000 job listings.

AigaDesignJobs.org is a great place to find design job opportunities. Many companies are prospecting for new and experienced designers.

Krop.com is a large, well-known site to find graphic design jobs. New job openings are listed by top agencies and design studios. They also have a portfolio builder template section.

FreelanceSwitch.com is a growing job board that sports a variety of design, development, illustration, and Flash job listings.

SmashingMagazine.com is a design related blog, and also has a design job board with both full-time and freelancing positions.

FreshWebJobs.com tends to lean more towards web design related jobs, but there are jobs for graphic designers on this site as well.

Degree Programs
Popular Career Searches
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