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About Us: Kanchana in the kitchenKooksta.com is the result of several years of work by a group of Thai students living in Bangkok. We are making a free guide to higher education, starting in India and The USA in English, then expanding in multiple languages. On our site at Kooksta.com, we offer test prep for university entrance exams, and free online courses. However, let's not get so involved with career training as to forget our search for meaning, creativity and love. With this in mind, please look around, and if you have questions, please contact us at "kanchanawattana at gmail.com"

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This website is not affiliated with any educational organization, and all trademarks are the exclusive property of the respective owners. Kooksta.com is the work of a group of students in Bangkok, and all copyrighted works on this website are offered for educational purposes only, governed by the four-factor rule, section 107 of the US Copyright Act, 1976.