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Craft ideas that you can make yourself. Become more independent and creative, by making some of the things that you use, rather than buying finished products.
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Paper Airplanes
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Origami Heart
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Soap Making
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Clamshell Swirl
Ombre Gradient
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Royalty Soaps

Cameo Glass Blank
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Raw Materials Of Glass
Pâte De Verre
Flameworked Vessels
Glass Blowing
Laura Donefer Live
Penelope Rakov
Studio Demos
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Master Classes
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Governors Island
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Communal Glassblowing
Rene Kung
Michal Fronek: Glass
Max Lamb: Glasslab

Building Log Cabin

Building a traditional off-grid log cabin by hand from the materials of the Swedish wilderness.

Pottery Vases

They're all thrown pretty much the same way, using the technique of forming a cylinder using knuckle lifts, and then final shaping in order to make the different styles.

Rusty Cleaver Restoration

After all the rust was removed, it became visible that the cleaver was made from two different types of steel, one hard for the cutting edge and one softer for the main body and spine, so it can better take shocks.

Shea Butter Soap Making

As you'll see in the video, this soap traced almost immediately and had to be hand stirred. The lather is virtually non-existent, more of a silky lotion feeling.

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Customer Service /Requestor Support
HealthMark Medical Group
MISSION: The mission for this role is to provide excellent customer service to clients, patients, and requestors. Ensure notes are accurate and detailed.
5 days ago
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Agreement Employees applying for a position outside of their present craft are required to have worked in your current union for at least one (1) year preceding…
1 day ago
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Agreement Employees applying for a position outside of their present craft are required to have worked in your current union for at least one (1) year preceding…
4 days ago
Technical Content Creator
World Class Pay and Benefits*. Everyone enjoys working together on Zoom every day. Big Company Benefits: *You’ll get full Health/Dental/Vision Insurance…
30+ days ago
Content Specialist
In addition to 11 observed holidays, salaried team members have unlimited paid. Time off, with an additional 4 mental wellness days per year.
3 days ago
General Laborer
M. A. Mortenson Company
Responsible for the preparation, handling and supplying of materials to be used by other crafts. Responsible for the preparation, handling, and supplying of…
8 days ago
Essay Reviewer
College Essay Guy
Essay Reviewers are part-time, remote, hourly 1099 employees who can expect 10-40 hours of work per week. Compensation ranges from $20-$40 per hour, based on…
29 days ago
Client Operations Associate
Dray Alliance
They are familiar with all standard operating procedures and consistently execute them to a high standard. They provide world-class, cross-functional support to…
30+ days ago
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