Film Making

The marketing industry is much more than advertising and social media. Listen to experts share a lifetime of experience.


Appealing to social issues, getting people discussing multiple viewpoints. Indeed, intial social media virality may be sparked by a public controversy, fanned by explosive discussion, as in the case of Kim Kardashian, Keeping Up with the Kardashians TV show, Making Money, Kylie Jenner (Instagram, Lip Kit), with her mom, Chris Jenner

Developing and promoting young musical acts, singing and dance contests, bands, performing, touring, BTS-style development, friends, popularity, phone chat, tv shows, movies, celebrities.

Preserving The Record of Wisdom

With quietude, having achieved the freedom of action and thought, and experience that great age brings. Take advantage of the minds that are receptive and available, not just to share what I think to teach, but also and perhaps more importantly, video the wise among them sharing what they choose to speak in Thai, Tibetan, Nepali or English, not so important that I may understand or translate what they have to say, but that is freely made available on YouTube, and that others may then translate if they deem the material valuable enough to do so. At that time, I may hear. For now, let me record them as they are, and preserve their words for the future, visiting the Tibetan and Thai forest monasteries. Let them speak in their own language. My time is well-spent both in their energy field, as well as in recording their teachings.

Video the aged teachers speaking in their own language, saying whatever they think is most important to say, in whatever order they choose, for as long as they care to speak.

  1. Cosmetics movement, modeling career, men's fashion
  2. Vegetarian cooking, food purity, gardening, making yogurt, cheese, bread, fruit preserves
  3. Health, Native Medicine, Home Remedies
  4. Feel-good, Self-help, character, Spiritual, Love, Looking good
  5. Fat Movement, Anti-fat Movement, weight-loss
  6. Athlean-X, bodysculpting, fitness, cooking, Weight-loss
  7. Money, Investing, Student finance, Find your place in society, careers, interviewing, presentations, start-ups

Start to work with voice to text, video editing, sound editing, microphones, sound mixing. Then will need a US-based account for YouTube, may or may not need to upload in usa also? but can film abroad, send through matt or brad to upload.


- BoxOfficeMojo.com - Film Gross Earnings Rankings producers: Mel Gibson (Passion of the Christ), Steven Spielberg (Star Wars), Ron Howard, Mel Brooks , Jon Landau (Titanic, Avatar)

Jon Landau is an American film producer, known for producing Titanic (1997), a film which won him an Oscar and earned $2.19 billion in gross revenues, and Avatar (2009), which earned $2.79 billion.


Sublimation of major Hollywood productions into contemporary, bite-sized music videos, films, stories.

West Side Story
Grease - John Travolta

Westerns - Clint Eastwood, John Wayne

The Godfather - Secret Mafia Life

Apocalypse Now is a 1979 American epic war film directed, produced and co-written by Francis Ford Coppola. It stars Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen

CIA action films: James Bond
- girls, male lead CIA
Bourne Identity - Matt Damon
Mission Impossible - Tom Cruise
Kung Fu:
Bruce Lee
Jackie Chan

Terminator - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Fast and Furious - Vin Diesel -
Romantic Epic:
Titanic - Leonardo DiCaprio
King Kong -

Science Fiction:
Matrix - Kenau Reeves
Mark Wahlburg

Castaway - Tom Hanks
Robinson Caruso

Rocky - Sylvester Stallone
Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
Horatio Alger's juvenile novels share essentially the same theme, known as the "Horatio Alger myth": a teenage boy works hard to escape poverty. Often it is not hard work that rescues the boy from his fate but rather some extraordinary act of bravery or honesty. The boy might return a large sum of lost money or rescue someone from an overturned carriage. This brings the boy, and his plight, to the attention of a wealthy individual who grooms and educates him.
(overcoming all odds, rags to riches)

Kevin Feige (/ˈfaɪɡi/ FY-ghee; born June 2, 1973) is an American film producer who has been the president of Marvel Studios since 2007. The films he has produced have a combined worldwide box office gross of over $26.8 billion.

Superman - Lex Luther, Lois Lane

Ironman - Penny

Batman - Joker, Peguin
Wonder Woman
Dr Strange
(DC Comics, Marvel Comics)

TV Shows

Andy Griffith Show (Ron Howard as a kid)
Happy Days - richie cunningham (Ron Howard), Fonzi
Three's Company - Jack Ritter living with two girls
One Day at a Time - Single mom with Two kids
BayWatch - Pamela Anderson, beach bikini
CSI - crime scene investigation
Friends - people hanging out at a bar
Starsky & Hutch - cops on the job
Get Smart - Comedy takeoff of CIA, Bond films

Kids Shows:
The Muppet Show
Mr Roger's Neighborhood
Sesame Street

game shows:
Wheel of Fortune - Vanna White
Who wants to be a millionaire

Talk Shows:

Cooking shows:
Rachael Ray
Top Chef
Top Chef Kids

Talent Contests:
The Voice
America's Got Talent

Video Editing

Audacity - offers core music editing features.

Video Editing — Jaycut allows you to organize video clips, edit-in/out all the details you want and publish videos to show off your video-creating skills.

The key is keeping the sound in your home studio dead silent.

Photoshop - Raster image editing software.

Gimp - A free image editing software comparable to Photoshop.

Illustrator - Vector image editing software.

Inkscape - A free vector image editing software comparable to Illustrator.

istockphoto.com - A source for stock photography and graphics.

Color Palette Generator - A free color palette generator that pulls from an uploaded image.

Color Scheme Designer - A free color scheme generator.

Gradient Image Maker - A free gradient image generator.

HTML Validator

Favicon Generator - A free favicon generator

CSS Compressor - A free CSS compressor.

- Paddy Galloway Channel - YouTube Success Stories and How They Did It

- Build your own TV station

- YouTube Blog

Job Interviewing:
video pre-interviews, and that employers are required to respond to all pre-qualified applicants, and held to standards about mass-advertising a few jobs, where job seekers have almost no statistical chance of being hired.

Google YouTube Algorithm:

- Thumbnails
- Clickthough
- Length of the shot
- time on the video
- challenge, competition
- giveaway
- bouncy shots
- cutaways
- sitcom in vlog format, 'Friends'
- multiple storylines happening at once
- family of characters
- trust, intimacy, engagement
- video courses, and podcasts, placed on Udemy
Youtube partner program


Instagram Podcasting, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, - followers, subscribers, likes, views. other platforms offer live Video, such as Facebook, Line, Badoo

Courses on Udemy

technical courses:

Instructors and building their brands.
1. Website design, eCommerce, mobile design course - using hosting affiliate to generate money,
Pat Flynn (smartpassiveincome.com)

* website design, mobile responsive design
* Excel, Word
Directi has coding contest CodeChef;
Google has a programming contest, CodeJam in India


Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair, Fashion, 4 individual channels, one Asian, one Black, one Latina, and one White girl.

new make-up trend, using bolder basic colors that people can use like native American war-paint, Lady Gaga, or cartoon caracters, or anime, cosplay, gaming characters, app characters, aristocratic historical France, even better if can campaign against the new look simultaneously

look like a model, and making up fyour face for men

style and 'fashion' - not like high fashion, or even brand name clothing, but rather fashionable, like GQ and why men are so sloppy.

Loren Gray

- Feel-good channel, mental health, depression, co-dependency, immediately starting on TikTok and YouTube, Tibetan Buddhism, Hindu scriptures, Christian Saints, Deeprak Chopra

Fat Movement and the Anti-fat Movement

- Anna O'Brien TikTok

fat movement body image, weight loss, Anna O'Brien TikTok, Fat acceptace movement, Fat shaming, starting a new fat-is-not-ok movement! overweight people, eating the wrong foods (Richard Simmons and weight loss center, world-wide fat-loss movement, support groups, protests with signs saying, 'I don't want to be fat any more, and I am doing something about it, love me, support me, let's all work on this together, learn how to eat better, and exercise together', gatherings in the parks and cities, shaming, empowerment Always keep in mind Anna O'Brien on TikTok who gained a million followers in a few weeks by videos she made centered around overweight girls fighting back against 'fat-shamers' and large numbers of girls relating to her as their hero, due to the fact of their not having a strong voice themselves.

- fat champion overweight teen girls, with a thinner fat-shaming negative person who can’t see her value.

- overweight cartoon personalities, with mental health issues as our trademark

- Anna Obrien - Fat Shaming shows the lively debate on fat-acceptance, fat-shaming, and anti-fat-acceptance

- Lonliness, added to weight issues, money, work issues

Athlean-X, Fitness, Cooking

Athlean-x, fitness, Weight-loss, Food, Vegetarian Cooking, herbs, cooking show, different world cuisine (reviews of kitchenware, appliances), nutrition, yoga, pilates, aerobics, Brazilian Butt Lift, bodysculpting, weight lifting, muscle building, supplements

- Workouts for women, Athlean-x

#1: Tibo Inshape, a channel run by a French bodybuilder who takes on extreme fitness challenges as well as traditional workouts in his videos

- methods Athlean-X uses to sell products

Athlean-X is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. 9M subscribers, his own meal plan (course) and fitness workout plans (tutorial)

- FitnessBlender, man and wife team

The Fitness Marshall, fun military parody (light bdsm), with two girls as grunts, 2M subscribers

- TheFitGirlz.com - Excellent workout.

- Athlean-X Channel

Financial Success

Financial wisdom, starting a company, loans, mortagages, investing, kickstarter, making money, precious metals, compound interest. How-to-make-money books by Kiyosaki occupy 2 places in the NY Times best-seller list.

- Jerry Banfield, How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + CPC, website with courses

- $109.94 CPM as a YouTuber! (6 cents Per Ad View) - Jerry Banfield - YouTube analytics traffic sources, and suggested video placement

- Jerry Banfield - programmer, online success

- Brian Dean - YouTube Video SEO, ranking position

- Video Creators Instructional - How-to to get going on YouTube

- Graham Stephan - channel

- Graham Stephan - Built 7 Income Sources, $163,800 Per Month

- Graham Stephan - taxes on $163,800 per month

- Kiyosaki

- how to own stocks in your name, not 'on the street' or through an agency

- Cryptocurrency, blockchain

- Patt Flynn, podcasting, wesite design, BlueHost, InMotion affiliate

- dealing with high cost of college education, student loans, community college transfer to 4-year university, online classes for credit, financial aid, scholarships

- imovie and audio great tutorial

- getting onto istore and google play
- career selection
- saving money on college education, classes for credit online and at community college applied to degree
have my team upload udemy courses!
- Spanish singers, dance, South America
- French aimed at Africa
- Portuguese for Brazil
- India beauty, i=India dating, marriage

TikTok Short Videos













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