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The marketing industry is much more than advertising and social media. Listen to experts share a lifetime of experience.
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Pat Flynn - SmartPassiveIncome.com

Pat Flynn Says -

I used Market Samurai as a supplement to teaching Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization. The content of the videos, blog post and webinar I did were all about the content. I simply recommended Market Samurai based on my personal experience to help.

I told people that there are actually ways to do everything you can do on Market Samurai for absolutely free, and even offered some tools and suggestions about how to do this.

I told people straight-up that the link I provided was indeed an affiliate link, and that if they tried the free trial and didn't end up purchasing it, I would totally understand.

I showed people EXACTLY what it does and how to use it.

As one person wrote to me in an email after I literally asked the person why they took my recommendation:

There's actually a couple of things that sold me:

1. You said you use this every day.

2. You recommended it, and I trust you.

3. You showed us how to use it.

4. You made it simple and easy to understand.

5. You made me believe that I needed this product

6. You didn't push the product, and even showed us how to get the same info without it.

That was enough for me.

If you want a recipe for non-aggressive affiliate marketing on a blog, the type of affiliate marketing that will help you retain your readers and actually build more trust with them, the type of affiliate marketing that doesn't make you feel like a weasel, then that's it right there.

Earn trust by being honest and only recommend because the recommendation will help your audience, not because it will help you.

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