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While there are many reasons to go into sales, if you truly enjoy talking to people, and have a desire to help others, you stand to make a greater income in sales than in any other business area. A sales professional can match product offerings to the needs of buyers, and is always learning more about the technical aspects of selling. One of the best books on sales training is 'How to Master the Art of Selling' by Tom Hopkins. Go to your local library or bookstore, and buy a copy. Who is Tom Hopkins? Tom Hopkins got his start when a man came into his real estate office promoting a three-day sales training seminar with J. Douglas Edwards. It was then that Tom realized selling is a learned skill. He was so inspired by the sales training he received that he became an avid student. He began attending seminars, reading books on selling and applied what he learned. His last year as a real estate agent, he sold 365 homes. In total, he closed 1,553 real estate transactions in a period of six years, a sales record that stands unmatched till today. In his book, he explains how to handle rejection, prospect for clients, how to give a sales presentation, get referrals, handle telephone sales questions, and offers his tested closing techniques.

If you learn how people make buying decisions, and how to tailor your sales presentation to the buyers mindset, using 'Stimulus, Pause, Response' methodology, your closing rate will soar. There is no limit to the number of test-closes you may need to make before you are able to flush out all objections to ownership. The key is not so much in the closing strategy, but more in the qualification stage, where you learn if the person or organization that you are presenting to needs what you are selling. The image of sales as a pushy profession is incorrect, at least for top earners. Spend your time prospecting for needs, and match those soon-to-be 'owners' with the benefits of your products. The sales will follow naturally.

Sales Closing Techniques

Successful high-end software industry salespeople combine consultative software sales with just the right amount of arm-twisting. It is possible to earn a base salary of up to $87,000, and commissions running up to $250,000 a year for top salespeople. Sales people are often paid on a commission-only basis, with a small base salary offered during the training or evaluation period. Over a period of time, a successful sales professional will build a portfolio of satisfied customers, growing a high salary out of the many derivative contacts they have made. This year, with an average compensation of $164,783, biotech sales salaries edged out medical and surgical-device salespeople, who earned an average annual income of $150,890. Whether you are working for a company selling their products or services to other businesses, or are in direct sales to individuals, the process is the same. Take the time to study the art of closing, and you'll be in high demand.

The Ben Franklin Close - on a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle, and look at the prospect in the eyes for a moment, and say, "Let me see. As I understand what you're saying, these are the reservations you have to purchasing today." While you are talking, write a minus sign at the top left of the page, and list under it, the objections that your prospect has raised. The prospect will watch you write, and be impressed that you have been listening to every word that they have said. Then, pause for a moment, write a large plus sign at the top right of the page, and smile, saying, "... and here are the benefits you will obtain from your investment in our products." Make a longer list on the right side of the page, outlining your sales promotion in brief. Finally, and here's the hard part, stop speaking and wait. Allow the prospect plenty of time to make a decision. You are there only to answer questions and provide support, so that your buyer can make the best decision for their business. The image of a pushy salesperson is outdated and more to the point, ineffective. If you have done your job well, asking a simple multi-part, closing question, will earn you the sale. "Don't you agree that these benefits outweigh your total investment?" If your buyer is still hesitating, ask them directly how you can help solve any problems they are having in their business, and then test-close once again.