Business Education

Review these business startups, modeling your own success through an understanding of what makes up a great idea. The most important point is to develop a reasonable business plan, serving as your roadmap.
Paddy Galloway - tutorials: how top YouTubers succeeded.

Peter McKinnon - photgraphy, filmmaking, grew 1 million subscribers in 1 year by being personable and highly-targeted offering
- Brand Deals

Jeff Cavaliere - Athlean-X fitness training program, nutrition, and products.

Graham Stephan - How much I make on YouTube, CPM, Niche, Real Estate, Investing

Tatiana James - Amazon
5 income streams, 50,000/month
Amazon FBA Business
2 YouTube channels, varying CPM

Greg Gottfreid - T-shirts, Graphic Designs
teespring.com, printful.com

Pat Flynn - Income Streams
SmartPassiveIncome.com (SPI)
- eBook, affiliates, income reports, courses

Neil Patel - Crazy Egg, KissMetrics, advertising analytics, landing pages, conversions

Khan Academy


By focusing on a specific value-offering, whether that's fitness training, camera equipment, or finance, Jeff Cavaliere, Peter McKinnon, and Graham Stephan all share a similar path to success. They built a strong audience following around the core value focus.

YouTube Income Streams:

Pat Flynn - Income Reports

Pat Flynn made a comprehensive review of the LEED Architecture exam for his own study, and subsequently started sharing links to interested parties within targeted chat rooms. Because of the interest people expressed, he wrote an eBook which was a summation of his prior work. It sold well, thereby helping other to pass the exam. The success of his eBook startled Pat, who then decided to concentrate on online business, and created the website SmartPassiveIncome.com (SPI).

Initial income stemmed from GreenExamAcademy.com eBook Sales and Google Adsense earnings. Pat ran SEO, added a buy-it-now button, landing page optimization, did marketing, bought a microphone, video, and started podcasting. After intial growth, he started a limited liability company to protect personal assets, and met with a CPA to standardize tax reporting.

Gained first 1,000 email subscibers to SmartPassiveIncome website. Started offering an eBook how to succeed, attracting subscibers via a free eBook sent to their email (with an approved newsletter agreement). Started moving the focus from teaching people how to pass the LEED exam through an eBook towards teaching how to succeed in eCommerce. Pat earning affiliate income, with links worked into the text of articles ('BlueHost', 'Market Samurai' niche-site SEO and Keyword tool, 'Internet Business Mastery Academy').

Branding through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, driving traffic with SEO to the SmartPassiveIncome.com website. Social Proof, video testimonials, sharing information, building trust over time, not pushing, conversions, subscribers, email list, affiliate links, adsense income. Call to action, actually telling people what to do, ie "Click now to get.."

Bought Audio Equipment: A Heil PR-40 Microphone, a Heil Mic Arm, a mixer, and some mic cables. Started Podcasting. Doing appearances on other sites, TV, podcasts, YouTube, sharing what he learned. Started promoting other people's courses, as an affiliate, 'Affiliate Marketing for Beginners' from Corbett Barr, 'ConvertKit', 'Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool', 'Create Awesome Online Courses' , 'OptinSkin by Glen Allsopp', 'AWeber email marketing tool', 'LeadPages', 'Unique Article Wizard', 'Blog Blueprint', 'The Best Spinner', 'Thesis Theme for WordPress', 'Ramit Sethi's Earn 1K Program', 'Zero to Launch Course', 'Copywriting Academy'.

Consultation, coaching, public speaking engagements, Pat Flynn becoming an expert in the field. Building traffic on his website, all earnings increasing. Increase in Adsense Revenue, publish, publish, publish, content resulting in long-tail, non-targeted keywords, especially in foreign languages. Can use YouTube API, Wikipedia. Started writing and promoting his own courses.

SmartPassiveIncome.com (SPI) layout, conversion funnel, mega-menu

ByteDance, Douyin Video, TikTok, Music.ly

ByteDance - China, $75 billion valuation, TikTok

In September 2016, ByteDance launched a short-video app in China called Douyin. Short-form video creation was nothing new for China's market, but Douyin's popularity skyrocketed. Within a year, Douyin had 100 million users and 1 billion video views each day.

The platform quickly rose to top of the charts in Thailand, Japan, and other Asian markets. But as TikTok started to gain traction globally, another short-video app was already buzzing in the U.S.: Musical.ly. Its focus was 15-second lip-syncing music videos.

Musical.ly was first created in 2014 by Alex Zhu and Louis Yang.

When the popular video app Vine closed in October 2016, many of the fresh class of young influencers who found

fame by posting videos turned to Musical.ly to continue their work. Then in November 2017, ByteDance purchased

Musical.ly in a deal valued at $1 billion.

In mid-September 2019, TikTok rose to become the No. 1 free non-gaming iOS app in the US.

Byjus.com, Test Prep, Courses

Byju interview- BBC News

Teaching The World| BYJU'S The Learning App On CNBC

Making of Byju's Classes Videos

Having earned a top score on national Indian college entrance exams, Byju started tutoring his friends, and expanded into lecturing groups of students. His popularity grew, and as he entered stadium-size venues, he launched online. Within six years, his platform was valued at 1 billion USD, with over 30 million users a month.

focus: test prep, college entrance, cover those subjects
cell phone confirmation, sign-up, account functions

Byju achieved a top score on an Indian college entrance exam. Subsequently, he started teaching a few friends how to score beteer on the exam. This led to larger and larger groups of people listening to him, until he was lecturing on stage, and then at stadiums. Finally, he collected the materials he developed into the Byjus.com website.

Byjus Disney partnership

Byjus-Disney Education App

Play Osmo


Squirrel - breaks down subjects into 30,000 parts, and then uses AI to find out where the student is, tailoring the curriculum individually to the speed and location of the student. High rate of growth explained by tuition fees, crucial ultra-competitive nature of college entrance in China

These subjects cross over into job education. For example, Byjus teaches how to get into a better college, and Pat Flynn teaches how to become an entrepreneur online. Neil Gaiman teaches how to become a writer, and the sound engineer first taught how to do sound mixing and audio editing, but then transitioned into how to make money online presenting sound engineering information to the world.

- India Start-up funding

Sal Khan started tutoring a family member through his laptop, coming through as live video on her laptop. As he offered the tutoring to others, he started recording math lessons because he didn't have time to tutor in person. As it turned out, some kids sometimes preferred the recorded videos to his personal instruction.

- Khan Academy - Partners

- Khan Academy - Our Supporters

- Khan Academy - Contributors

- Khan Academy Start-up Story



Instructables.com - video content bought by AutoDesk

Coursera, Alison

udemy - began as education videos, but later opened to public

Wattpad - Writers, Tie-ins, Publishing

Wattpad raises $50 million

Investment in machine learning and interactive storytelling, expanding the company’s global entertainment footprint in TV, film, digital media, and publishing as it adapts Wattpad stories for new formats.

Personalization and recommendation systems for readers, increasing reading times for more engagement; similar story analysis tools are helping Wattpad writers build audiences and monetize their work. Wattpad’s work in machine learning, deep learning and recurrent neural networks have also enhanced its ability to discover stories for adaptation and content trends that are now used across the entertainment industry.

Wattpad has major TV, film and digital video partnerships with Universal Cable Productions (UCP), a division of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, eOne, CW Seed and others. The company works with publishing houses such as HarperCollins, Hachette Audio and Hachette Romans. Hundreds of Wattpad stories have been published as traditional books, many as best-sellers.

In 2017, Wattpad launched Tap by Wattpad, an immersive storytelling experience that delivers short, conversational-style narratives. Tap offers interactive entertainment experiences that digital natives love, using a chat-style format, combined with multimedia innovations designed specifically for Tap Originals. Since launch, users all over the world have devoured Tap stories, with more than 3 billion taps to date on over 300,000 stories available.

Neil Gaiman started writing stories a young age, but couldn't get them published. Taking matters into his own hands, he labelled himself a journalist and gave himself the assignment of covering the field of writing. he started interviewing professionals, and ended up publishing well-researched nonfiction articles about publishing.

Udemy Courses, Kickstarter



Walter envisioned that he could learn the Swift language for making apps for the iPhone, and teach it at the same time, videotaping his progress, and sell the recordings as a course. For the next four days, he studied the Swift programming language, recording his voice and doing screen captures, making 50 short videos. Then he uploaded them on Udemy, a four-year-old site that makes it easy to put paywalls around content. Based in San Francisco and running on $48 million in venture funding, Udemy offers 20,000 courses, including everything from yoga to photography. Apple released Swift on June 2, and Walter submitted his udemy class on June 5. For the first 24 hours, he offered it for free, gaining 1,600 sign-ups that first day. The next day he raised the price to $199 and netted $20,000. Within 30 days he had earned $40,000. “That was more than I’d made in the last year,” he says. It helped that Udemy sent out an email blast to 60,000 people who they thought would be interested in the course and offered it for a discounted $29. Since then the course has generated between $3,000 and $5,000 a month in residual earnings.

People who took the Swift course started emailing Walter, asking if he could teach a broader class on how to make an iPhone app. So he decided to make a marketing video called “How to Make a Freakin’ iPhone App,” and put it on Kickstarter, pre-selling the $199 Udemy course for just $29. In one month the Kickstarter video proved a huge success, earning him $66,000. Only 40% of Kickstarter projects reach the goals set by those who launch them and just 15% of those earn more than $20,000.

Jeff Schwarting, an adjunct professor at Brigham Young who teaches a course on launching products, says Walter hit a sweet spot with a clever campaign. “He happened to be teaching in a space that is really hot,” says Schwarting. “Typically, osftware programming videos are really boring. You just look at a black screen and someone is typing on it while you listen to them talk.” In his Kickstarter video, Walter dances around an empty room with a red brick wall to a pounding electric beat, waving his arms and contorting his body, then promises, “this is a class that’s going to take you from ideas on a napkin to a polished app that you can submit to the Apple app store.” Later he dons a blonde wig and proclaims that Swift has nothing to do with pop star Taylor Swift, singing in a bad falsetto.


1. Technical education center, incubator, and initial investor (Y-Combinator).

2. By deriving the commonality of multiple successful startups, we can derive a working formula to offer our students.


4. Animation studio, leading to a film studio.


SuperCell - Clash of Clans

--------------- Mondly.com

--------------- Instagram founders Kevin Systrom (left) and Mike Krieger
Developing an app scaled back features, and focused on the core offering.
We crossed 10,000 users within hours
skyrocketing popularity
no money, no ads, no clutter, no distraction


Sound recording guy

Video editing

chat - wechat, line, zalo, skype

- YuanTiku China Start-up

While at Google, the founder of Pinterest took some classes at Y-Combinator, the famous incubator for Silicon Valley

startups that spawned hits like Airbnb, Instagram, and DropBox.

Dale Carnegie - eBooks, Seminars

The classes proved an immediate success, and there were almost 500,000 graduates of his Dale Carnegie Institute.. Focused on the everyday needs of businesspeople, Carnegie taught his students how to interview well, make persuasive presentations and forge positive relationships. His students would often come to class each week with stories of how they had put the skills they learned the previous week to successful use in their workplaces. Within two years, the courses had achieved such popularity that Carnegie moved them out of the YMCA and founded his own Dale Carnegie Institute. As he set out to teach his students these crucial skills, Carnegie realized that no textbook existed on the subject.

Napoleon Hill - eBook

Think and Grow Rich

Open Culture


Adsense, YouTube
Indeed.com jobs affiliate working again
Sponsorships (YouTube video review, mention)
Licensing (write eBook, write song)
Cosmetics starter kits (products merchandising)
WebHosting Affiliate (Bluehost, InMotion) Pat Flynn
Making classes, put on Udemy
Pay-per-call, sales' lead (one page landing pages)
Selling eBooks
Memberships (Patreon)
Mailing lists - courses, products
Fundraising, Kickstarter, Gofundme
Grant writing, grant proposals
Airbnb, dating, etc, offer good affiliate rewards for new signups

- GoFundMe.com - How it works

Kickstarter for Udemy Class ($60,000):

Udemy Freaking iPhone app
(Rick Walter)

Kickstarter freaking iPhone app

Powerup 3.0 RC Paper Airplane - Shai Goitein started with a powered paper airplane, the PowerUp 1, which was pretty cool. But he didn't stop there. The PowerUp is a powered paper airplane you control with your smartphone. PowerUp 3.0 is a Kickstarter -funded project, with $1,208,091 pledged against a $50,000 goal.

Kickstarter for Ghost Blogging Platform ($200,000): - Ghost Platform

- Make Money Online

- ProBlogger.net

- Amazon Associate Tips

- Lead generation Pages

Banking and Money Issues

Start getting familiar with best online banking, PayPal, Alipay, ApplePay, etc, and how to wire or send money to BofA. Transferwise

1st 6 of soc

- International Money Transfers
- Best Ways to Transfer

can load a mastercard or AliPay etc.. UnionPay with funds directly, and can use for online purchases, skipping cash completely, ie, atm fees and low atm exchange rates. same with wiring money to PayPal account! and when lease or wish to buy, get bank involved, and wire funds to bank. see if can lease land personally, or start a company with kan as majority shareholder. also, can wire funds to Amazon or Alibaba and get computers, second-hand books, office chairs, etc. similarly, can invest in Google, Ethereum, other crypto, not necessarily to sit on it, although also can speculate, but rather to move and use funds. also online services, like transferwise, join the internet age and educate myself, many options. atm is yesterday’s news.

gold, palladium, rhodesium, silver, copper, aluminium, learn about metals markets and physical acquisition

- Cryptocurrency Trading - Tax Free Countries

- Cryptocurrency Guide

simply look at trending google searches, or recent hype online about an interesting altcoin, then jump in and out, trading in a tax-free country as a tourist. likely that news articles and top google results will interest others just like it excited me, ie, singularity.io ai robot on the news, esp tv in the USA, and recently metalpay and the kid, get into the flow online. lots of opportunity, but need an ethereum account and become familiar with platforms, safety, trading, taxes, and record all info learned (as learning) on youtube, instagram, Udemy class, our website, etc.


partner with current Indian blogger traffic to grow Kooksta rapidly.

- How and why people subscribe, also can tour high schools and community colleges, invited to speak by business and other clubs! free lectures, ask people directly to subscribe, and watch videos teaching themselves how to succeed on a number of important subjects: drawn from most popular Udemy!

- Staged fights on the street to gather crowds and performances like breaking boards, dance kpop, etc, either for busking or to promote our channel

- Tour with motorhome or bus, dressed in costume, with Kooksta.com across side, target schools, universities, large groups such as a concert or sports event. Hols Bollywood style music and dance competitions, as well as seek out local students at schools of the performing arts to hold exhibitions.

- Create Disneyland type of characters, in apps, movies, and our own characters in person at the festival

- Wear a cardboard box with the big word on it, color it, go to place have a lot of ppl. Easy way to get on tv






Facebook Ads
Google Adwords
Lower-cost PPC
ppc Ian

- Buying Targeted Traffic
especially buying targeted traffic to scale up

Drive Traffic

Google Blog

Revcontent - boosting its business partners’ website articles through endorsement postings that do not appear to be advertisements, with 250 billion content recommendations a month. Media companies of all sizes are struggling with how to monetize their digital sites without diminishing the quality journalism that people look to them for.

How does Revcontent make content recommendations? Lemp’s native advertising and content recommendation platform mirrors a client’s website design and appears to be an article and not a commercial message. Website visitors are mostly unaware they are viewing ads since the ads blend in with the site’s regular, or native, content. Revcontent guides users to those pages by aggregating content and placing “you may like” or “recommended content” links at the end of news articles and blog posts.

Non-profit Foundations

Non-profit foundations establish longevity in that they can exist to create value hundreds of years after the founder's death.

The Jack Ma Foundation (JMF) is a charitable organisation founded in 2014 by Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group. The foundation’s aim is to promote human development in harmony with both society and the environment, while its mission is to work towards a world of bluer skies, cleaner water, healthier communities, and more open thinking.

Jack Ma retired from the Chinese e-commerce giant last month, saying he wanted to pursue his other passions, like education. He is also a renowned martial arts fan -- even starring in a short movie produced by Jet Li, in which he played a tai chi master. - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), previously the William H. Gates Foundation, is an American private foundation founded by Bill and Melinda Gates.

Purpose: Healthcare, Education, Ending poverty

Long-term Business Development

JOBS - large job sites like Indeed, Monster, etc, have a similar problem, due to their seeking profit as a motive, users complain on one side that the companies job openings are bull, in that they apply and apply but get no response, and no interviews, and the companies conversely, feel overburdened by the volume of unqualified applicants that are either not sufficiently skilled, or simply lie on their resumes, or dont really want the job for the right reasons, nor have a developed sense of career goals. Some solutions are to have a job listing site where candidates are pre-qualified by the website, ie, skill testing, resume builder, input fields and arranges into simple format for job seeker.
finders fees (companies that hire employees, from our contests(Google CodeJam, classes)

junosearchpartners.com - HR firm that matches employees to Companies

Mobile App 4: Job Interviewing practice App

- facebook meets udemy, match.com (membership), craigslist
enabling college students to have local, real-world interactions within a regulated online social environment. verification, local and school-wide limited-access worlds

read a prepared statement and the app changes both the tone and intonation of the voice to match all frequencies and word-sound combinations, thus the singer/speaker can play any song in their own voice.

marketplace similar to adsense/adwords for Indian Traffic and blogs, to advertise Indian companies selling to the Indian market.

Consider music, art, photo, and author website, which encourages creative people to submit their works, in order to get signed, or acquire a literary agent, or sell individual works. a self-marketing system, where the person is encouraged to get their friends and family to visit their pages, because they get noticed by the number of page views they can drive, ie, we have talent agents, literary scouts, music producers, etc, tied into the site, and they review best works by traffic. Also, the publisher themselves may offer heavy traffic like Udemy where they are working on their profile to editing their works.

music - garage.com
app - smule, recording music, singing, auto-mixing according to presets

animation contest, 2d and 3d cartoon contest

coding competition

FrogCircle - NextDoor.com - local, school-specific limited-sharing Facebook

** Feel good app, Feel good website, YouTube Channel with customized videos, text, and audio, that supports lonely people emotionally. Can grow into artifical Indian dating site. BrainQuote Topics can guide the beginnings of the feel-good, AI companion/virtual dating site. Indian market, since women are so sheltered, men are frustrated sexually, and have limited success on dating apps. - We can use AI to create artificial entities that are always available, always responsive, and the men can choose from thousands of different avatars. Indian dating website with machine-generated girls photos, descriptions/accounts, so Indian guys can see them and sign up, and link back to our sites, load pages.

In fact, Badoo started with machine generated bikini photos aimed at indian men and boys.

Degree Programs
Popular Career Searches
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