AP English Vocabulary - Test 1

1. Patronizing, assuming superiority over others:

    A. Abstraction
    B. Apparition
    C. Hinderance
    D. Condescending

2. Speech that shows little forethought, sometimes to the point of insincerity:

    A. Scintillating
    B. Glib
    C. Ambivalence
    D. Clamorous

3. Excessively demonstrative in emotional affect:

    A. Contemplative
    B. Effluent
    C. Effusive
    D. Apologetic

4. Derive as a conclusion from premises:

    A. Ambulation
    B. Palliative
    C. Inference
    D. Portentious

5. Imaginative recreation, or bringing to mind:

    A. Evocation
    B. Evolution
    C. Detraction
    D. Allegorical

6. Where one thing relates to, or is the impetus of the other:

    A. Dialectic
    B. Causal
    C. Imperative
    D. Cadence

7. Study of words and their function within sentences:

    A. Resonance
    B. Grammar
    C. Diction
    D. Taxonomy

8. Lack of feeling or emotion, lack of interest or concern:

    A. Fallacious
    B. Locution
    C. Apathy
    D. Evocation

9. Deviation from an established pattern or norm, odd or whimsical behavior:

    A. Eccentricity
    B. Pretentious
    C. Pedantic
    D. Rigorous

10. An interesting, amusing, or biographical incident:

    A. Duplicity
    B. Sagacity
    C. Anecdote
    D. Empirical

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