AP English Vocabulary - Test 2

1. Loud and particularly harsh:

    A. Syncophant
    B. Terse
    C. Contradiction
    D. Strident

2. Unimaginative, narrowly, stodgily, and often ostentatiously learned:

    A. Lipid
    B. Contrived
    C. Pedantic
    D. Nefarious

3. Simultaneous and contradictory attitudes, or uncertain as to which to follow:

    A. Platitudinous
    B. Voluptuous
    C. Temerity
    D. Ambivalence

4. Substitution of a pleasant expression for an unpleasant or offensive one:

    A. Euphemism
    B. Eulogy
    C. Equine
    D. Exhume

5. Having, or characterized by sound judgement:

    A. Incontinence
    B. Incongruous
    C. Salacious
    D. Judicious

6. Represented as less than is the case, stated or presented with restraint:

    A. Understatement
    B. Qualification
    C. Anorexic
    D. Affectation

7. A rhythmic sequence or parade of sounds:

    A. Tension
    B. Rhetoric
    C. Cadence
    D. Glimmer

8. Proposition forming the basis for argument:

    A. Thesis
    B. Synthesis
    C. Solstice
    D. Appealing

9. Agreeable, compatible, or mollifying:

    A. Loquacious
    B. Provincial
    C. Lillipution
    D. Conciliatory

10. A self-contradictory statement that may seem true:

    A. Illumination
    B. Paradox
    C. Sophistry
    D. Banter

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