Astronomy - Test

1. If a shrinking planet contracted to 1/10th its original diameter with no change in mass, you'd weigh:

    A. 1/100 as much
    B. 10 times as much
    C. 100 times as much
    D. 1000 times as much

2. If the Sun collapsed to become a black hole, planet Earth would:

    A. continue in its present orbit
    B. fly off in a tangent
    C. likely be sucked into the black hole
    D. be pulled apart by tidal forces

3. Astrophysicists are able to identify the elements in the outer layers of a star by studying the:

    A. Doppler effect
    B. molecular structure
    C. temperature
    D. spectrum

4. The surface of Earth loses energy to outer space due mostly to:

    A. conduction
    B. convection
    C. radiation
    D. radioactivity

5. The principal source of the Earth's internal energy is:

    A. tidal friction
    B. gravitational pressure
    C. radioactivity
    D. geothermal heat

6. Light from the Sun reaches us in nearly:

    A. 2 minutes
    B. 4 minutes
    C. 8 minutes
    D. 16 minutes

7. Earth satellites orbit above the Earth's:

    A. atmosphere
    B. gravitational field
    C. both of these
    D. ionosphere

8. When a spinning system contracts, its rotational speed increases and its angular momentum:

    A. decreases
    B. increases
    C. remains unchanged
    D. may increase or decrease

9. A spacecraft on its way from Earth to the moon is pulled equally by Earth and the moon when it is:

    A. closer to the Earth's surface
    B. closer to the moon's surface
    C. half way from Earth to the moon
    D. at no point, since Earth always pulls more strongly

10. The moon is most responsible for Earth's tides. Which pulls more strongly on the Earth and its oceans?

    A. moon
    B. sun
    C. both about equally
    D. other planets

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