Basic Nursing - Test 2

1. Which of the following Vitamins is not stored in the Liver?

    A. Vitamin A
    B. Vitamin B
    C. Vitamin C
    D. Vitamin D

2. Which of the following is the source cell for the secretion of Pepsinogen?

    A. Chief cell
    B. Plasma cell
    C. G cell
    D. Parietal cell

3. Which of the following develops into bone, connective tissue, blood, and the spleen?

    A. Notochord
    B. Endoderm
    C. Mesoderm
    D. Ectoderm

4. Which of the following ligaments is not found in the knee?

    A. Patellar ligament
    B. Oblique popliteal ligament
    C. Arcuate popliteal ligament
    D. Deltoid ligament

5. Wrist extensors are primarily controlled by what nerve?

    A. Radial
    B. Ulnar
    C. Median
    D. Tibial

6. Which of the following enzyme breaks down starches to maltose.

    A. Amylase
    B. Lipase
    C. Trypsinogen
    D. Pepsin

7. Which of the following is not a function of Estrogen?

    A. Causes breast growth.
    B. Causes inhibition of FSH
    C. Increased follicle development
    D. Decreased overall transport proteins

8. Which of the following during an electrocardiogram is associated with hypokalemia?

    A. QRS complex
    B. U wave
    C. PR segment
    D. ST segment

9. Which of the following is the location where fertilization occurs?

    A. Ovaries
    B. Vagina
    C. Uterus
    D. Fallopian Tubes

10. Which of the following passageways contain the internal carotid artery?

    A. Foramen rotundum
    B. Condylar canal
    C. Foramen ovale
    D. Carotid canal

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