Cellular Biology - Test 1

1. Proteins synthesized by the rough ER are what?

    A. for internal utilization
    B. to build membranes
    C. to digest matter in lysosomes
    D. exported from the cell

2. A cell is recognized by other tissue members by surface:

    A. glycolipids
    B. phosphate groups
    C. glycoproteins
    D. glycocarbohydrates

3. Red blood cells have a concave shape because of?

    A. spectrin
    B. dextrin
    C. hemoglobin
    D. iron

4. A person with anti-A and anti-B antibodies has what blood type?

    A. type A
    B. type B
    C. type AB
    D. type O

5. The cytoplasm of a bacterium:

    A. is supported by the cytoskeleton
    B. has no internal support structure
    C. is supported by microtubules
    D. is supported by keratin

6. The part of the flower that produces pollen is the:

    A. ovary
    B. sepal
    C. anther
    D. pistil

7. In mammals, the diaphragm separates which body cavities?

    A. thoracic cavity from the pericardial
    B. peritoneal cavity from the thoracic
    C. pleural cavity from the pericardial
    D. thoracic cavity from the pleural

8. The bacterial cell wall is composed of what?

    A. a polymer of sugars
    B. a phospholipid matrix
    C. a lipoprotein
    D. a structural protein

9. Which neuron structure typically receives signals?

    A. neurite
    B. dendrite
    C. axon
    D. soma

10. In genetic engineering, DNA ligase is used as what?

    A. a probe
    B. a restriction enzyme
    C. a sealing enzyme
    D. a mutagen

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