Copyright Law - Test 1

1. Initially, to whom were copyrights given?
    A. Authors
    B. Printers and publishers
    C. Artists

2. Copyrights for U.S. citizens last for what term?
    A. 28 years
    B. 14 years, with the right of renewal
    C. Life-plus 70 years

3. Which of the following may be copyrightable?
    A. A mathematical formula
    B. Facts that you have discovered through research
    C. A compiled Chinese-American phone book that uses facts

4. If the copyright in a work lasts for 95 years from first publication, it is copyright for:
    A. An individual
    B. A work of two or more authors
    C. A work for hire

5. If someone willfully infringes your copyrighted work for commercial advantage or private financial gain, what may he or she also face?
    A. Treble damages.
    B. Criminal penalties of up to five years in prison for a first offense, and ten years for a second offense.
    C. An order to publicly apologize for the infringement.

6. When is a work considered copyrighted?
    A. Once it is officially registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.
    B. Once the U.S. Copyright Office grants an official copyright.
    C. Once it is expressed in a tangible form that allows it to be seen or copied.

7. What is the first-sale doctrine?
    A. It states that copyright begins with the first sale of your manuscript to a publisher.
    B. It gives you the right to protect the integrity of your work after publication.
    C. It terminates your distribution rights after you (or your publisher) sell your work to a bookstore, or art gallery.

8. How much did Nike pay a graphic designer to produce its swoosh logo now estimated to be worth as much as $10 billion?
    A. 35 Dollars
    B. $25,000
    C. $850,000.

9. Fair use allows for the copying and use of copyrighted material for all EXCEPT which specific purpose?
    A. Criticism and comment
    B. Political organizing
    C. Teaching or research

10. What is one of the oldest trademarks still in existence?
    A. Lowenbrau Brewery
    B. Wedgewood china
    C.The Royal Dutch Tulip Company

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