General Law - Test 1

1. An employee is fired after 3 months, in breach of a 12-month contract. What can be recovered?

    A. salary for twelve months.
    B. salary for nine months.
    C. salary for nine months, minus what could have been earned in another job.
    D. nothing, because employment contracts don't provide for damages.

2. Contractual rights generally:

    A. may be assigned
    B. may be delegated
    C. may be assigned only to a creditor
    D. may not be assigned or delegated

3. The protection afforded by the attorney-client relationship is a matter of:

    A. criminal law
    B. substantive law
    C. ethics
    D. evidence

4. A paralegal may prepare and sign what documents?

    A. motions for court, if the attorney is available to argue orally.
    B. basic correspondence, as directed by the attorney.
    C. pleadings for a client, whenever the attorney is unavailable.
    D. fee agreements, as part of the initial interview process.

5. A private investigator may be hired as part of what?

    A. formal discovery
    B. mandatory self-disclosure
    C. informal discovery
    D. requests for admissions

6. In most cases, lawsuits are:

    A. dismissed during trial
    B. dismissed or settled before trial
    C. resolved only after trial
    D. settled at trial

7. The graphics used in video games are protected by:

    A. copyright law
    B. patent law
    C. trademark law
    D. trade secrets law

8. Which documents are not suitable for discovery?

    A. deeds and titles
    B. job interview
    C. tax returns
    D. diaries and journals

9. The marital presumption of paternity is NOT able to be rebutted by:

    A. sterility
    B. suspicion of infidelity
    C. impotency
    D. non-access to the wife during conception

10. Which of the following was not originally part of contract law?

    A. exchange of promises
    B. freedom of contract
    C. executory nature of contracts
    D. fairness

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