Marketing - Test 1

1. According to management guru Peter Drucker, the aim of marketing is to?
    Create customer value
    Identify customer demands
    Make selling unnecessary
    Set realistic customer expectations

2. What is the first element that a reader notices in a print ad?

3. Which style depicts average people using a product in an everyday setting?
    Scientific evidence
    Slice of life
    Personality symbol
    Testimonial evidence

4. American Eagle Outfitters has increased interest in its clothing products using which?
    Text messaging
    Product placement
    Online vignettes
    Memorable print ads

5. The most likely effect of the frequent use of promotional pricing?
    Price war

6. A product's market position is based primarily on?
    Supplier demands
    Competitor behavior
    Consumer choices
    Managerial decisions

7. What is the fastest-growing U.S. demographic segment?
    African Americans
    Asian Americans

8. The merging of consumers, products, prices, and retailers is called?
    Retail conglomeration
    Consumer convergence
    Price merging
    Retail convergence

9. Benchmarking has become a powerful tool for increasing?
    Brand image
    Mass appeal
    Distribution channels

10. Amazon.com, eBay, and GEICO employ?
    Sales promotion
    Direct marketing
    Public relations
    Personal selling

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