Organic Chemistry 1a - Test 1

1. The chief constituent of natural gas is?

    A. butanol
    B. methane
    C. methanol
    D. butane

2. Dry ice is composed of:

    A. solid water
    B. hydrogen
    C. nitrogen
    D. solid carbon dioxide

3. The best natural source of aromatic compounds is?

    A. petroleum
    B. natural gas
    C. coal gas
    D. coal tar

4. Which compound is the product of the hydrolysis of glycogen?

    A. ribose
    B. fructose
    C. glucose
    D. galactose

5. In plasmolysis, the contents of a cell:

    A. shrink
    B. divide
    C. swell
    D. remain the same

6. Benzene is used in the manufacturing of:

    A. nylon
    B. dyes
    C. pesticides
    D. explosives

7. What coating prevents the stomach from itself being digested?

    A. enzymes
    B. mucoproteins
    C. waxes
    D. inorganic ions

8. The vigorous oxidation of a primary alcohol produces:

    A. an aldehyde
    B. an ether
    C. an acid
    D. a ketone

9. Which of the following drugs are excreted in the urine, largely in unchanged form?

    A. barbiturates
    B. hallucinogens
    C. amphetamines
    D. analgesics

10. The practice of refining wheat, and polishing rice, leads to:

    A. an increase of mercury
    B. a decrease in zinc
    C. a decrease in cadmium compounds
    D. an increase in lead consumption

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