Organic Chemistry 1a - Test 2

1. One function of vitamins in the body is to:

    A. activate enzymes
    B. act as enzymes
    C. form small polypeptides
    D. hydrolyze lipids

2. Polysaccharides are:

    A. chains of nucleotides
    B. chains of amino acids
    C. chains of sugars
    D. chains of lipids

3. Energy is stored in animal cells in the form of:

    A. starch
    B. cellulose
    C. chitin
    D. glycogen

4. Oxygen is carried in the bloodstream, in the form of:

    A. a dissolved gas
    B. oxyhemoglobin
    C. bicarbonate ions
    D. carbon dioxide

5. The alcohol present in alcoholic beverages is:

    A. methyl alcohol
    B. ethyl alcohol
    C. denatured alcohol
    D. t-butanol

6. Reaction of an acid with an alcohol produces:

    A. a ketone
    B. an aldehyde
    C. an ester
    D. an ether

7. Which heterocyclic base is not a part of the DNA molecule?

    A. Uracil
    B. Adenine
    C. Thymine
    D. Cytosine

8. Cracking of petroleum oils is an important method for making:

    A. synthetic fuels
    B. producer gas
    C. kerosene
    D. hydrogen

9. Lipids are synthesized in plants and animals from:

    A. proteins
    B. carbohydrates
    C. enzymes
    D. nucleic acids

10. Messenger RNA molecules are formed when:

    A. the strands of a DNA helix partially unwind
    B. DNA comes in contact with a ribosome
    C. proteins are denatured by the body
    D. DNA molecules are hydrolyzed

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