Organic Chemistry 1b - Test 5

1. When a collection of amino acids are joined together to form a protein:

    A. the entropy content of the amino acids decreases
    B. the entropy content of the amino acids increases
    C. the entropy of the universe decreases
    D. there is no net change in free energy

2. Energy is stored in animal cells in the form of:

    A. starch
    B. cellulose
    C. chitin
    D. glycogen

3. Oxygen is carried in the bloodstream, in the form of:

    A. a dissolved gas
    B. oxyhemoglobin
    C. bicarbonate ions
    D. carbon dioxide

4. Cellulose is a natural polymer in which the monomer units are:

    A. glucose molecules
    B. fructose molecules
    C. sucrose molecules
    D. ribose molecules

5. Sulfa drugs show bacteriocidal behavior by acting as:

    A. nurve impulse inhibitors
    B. tranquilizers
    C. antimetabolites
    D. chemical mediators

6. Which of the following is not an antibiotic?

    A. Acetanilide
    B. Tenamycin
    C. Aureoruycin
    D. Sulfanilamide.

7. The alcohol present in alcoholic beverages is:

    A. methyl alcohol
    B. ethyl alcohol
    C. denatured alcohol
    D. t-butanol

8. Reaction of an acid with an alcohol produces:

    A. a ketone
    B. an aldehyde
    C. an ester
    D. an ether

9. Which of these compounds has the highest boiling point?

    A. ethanol
    B. diethyl ether
    C. butane
    D. phenol

10. Which heterocyclic base is not a part of the DNA molecule?

    A. Uracil
    B. Adenine
    C. Thymine
    D. Cytosine

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