Psychology - Test 1

1. In the book, 'Beyond Freedom and Dignity', it is argued that free will is?

    A. A human right
    B. Instinctual
    C. An allusion
    D. An illusion

2. Where is Esalen?

    A. San Francisco
    B. Santa Cruz
    C. Big Sur
    D. Hollywood

3. Who wrote 'Man and His Symbols'?

    A. Milton Erickson
    B. Carl Jung
    C. Fritz Perls
    D. Virginia Satir

4. Wilhelm Reich was a student of whom?

    A. Pavlov
    B. Skinner
    C. Freud
    D. Piaget

5. Which of the following has NOT been shown to have an organic basis?

    A. Phobia
    B. Schizophrenia
    C. Bipolar Disorder
    D. Dementia

6. Which country has the highest average IQ score?

    A. Germany
    B. USA
    C. Switzerland
    D. South Korea

7. What is at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

    A. Self-reliance
    B. Self-actualization
    C. Self-awareness
    D. Self-respect

8. The Myers-Briggs Test is designed to measure what?

    A. Biometrics
    B. Mental Illness
    C. Personality
    D. Behavior

9. In most people, the left brain hemisphere conrols?

    A. Visualization
    B. Musical talent
    C. Imagination
    D. Math skills

10. According to the CDC, what percent of Americans suffer depression in a given year?

    A. 5%
    B. 10%
    C. 15%
    D. 20%

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