Psychology - Test 4

1. A panic disorder may be due to poorly regulated levels of:

    A. epinephrine
    B. dopamine
    C. norepinephrine
    D. cortisol

2. How long can the average adult retain items in short-term memory?

    A. 10 seconds
    B. 30 seconds
    C. 50 seconds
    D. one minute

3. In dementia, which term indicates the inability to recognize objects or people?

    A. aphasia
    B. apraxia
    C. alogia
    D. agnosia

4. What type of hallucination is the most common?

    A. visual
    B. auditory
    C. somatic
    D. tactile

5. An antioxidant that may enhance cognitive functioning is:

    A. St John's Wort
    B. Valerian
    C. Ginkgo Biloba
    D. Ginseng

6. Which personal trait would remain the most stable over time?

    A. political views
    B. cleanliness
    C. friendships
    D. shyness

7. What percent of their genes do brothers and sisters share?

    A. 25%
    B. 50%
    C. 75%
    D. 90%

8. Which part of the mind constrains the id to reality?

    A. subconscious
    B. unconscious
    C. super-ego
    D. ego

9. What type of students is the internet is a good teaching tool for?

    A. have an internal locus of control
    B. have an external locus of control
    C. are field independent
    D. are field dependent

10. What is the primary source of stress for most people?

    A. married life
    B. daily hassles
    C. loss in the family
    D. changes in sleeping

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