Web Design

The use of templates and mobile responsive design has speeded up the process of establishing your online presence. Whether you select Wordpress, or design your site from scratch, our pages lead you to the right tools for the job.

Success is governed by two main factors, visitor traffic and sales conversions. How many of the right people can you attract to your site, and how many of those people can you persuade to take the action that you want them to take? Learn more about making money from websites on our eCommerce pages. Not only can you practice making your own websites to earn money, but if you focus your talents, you can find part-time employment designing websites for small businesses and individuals. A good portfolio often is the deciding factor in getting a job. Students interested in graphic design programs should take basic courses in studio art, computerized design, commercial graphics, or website design.

Offer your visitors a single purpose, whether to sell something, to educate or to entertain. The second goal is to guide the user through that experience. Therefore, skip the flash introduction, avoid blinking buttons, and cut out the clutter of words. Good website design is the same thing as good page design, like you see in a magazine. Basically, page layout can be restricted to a header, a two or three-column main body, and a footer. Menu choices should highlight your main offerings, and make it easy for your viewers to find the rest of your site.

Website Programming

As the field of website design expands, Developers have become responsible for many areas, including writing content, graphics, template layout, and online marketing. In addition, web developers may handle technical, back-end problems for the site. Some of the design skills for making websites do not change much over time, but other critical areas, including market research, search engine optimization, and conversion optimization, are constantly shifting as new tools become available.

Head over to the W3Schools website to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other programming tools, in order to design websites from the ground up. Links below.


HTML5 Test
Bootstrap Test
HTML5 Introduction
HTML Examples
HTML tutorial HTML Reference

CSS Style Sheets

CSS Test
CSS Examples
CSS Tutorial, CSS3
CSS Reference

JavaScript Tutorial

JavaScript Test
jQuery Test
JavaScript Examples
JavaScript Tutorial

php programming

PHP Test
php Tutorial
php Reference
XML Test
AJAX Examples

ASP.NET programming

ASP Test
ASP.NET Examples
ASP.NET Reference
ASP.NET Tutorial

SQL database calls

SQL Test
SQL Tutorial


HTML Introduction
HTML Editors
HTML Basic
HTML Elements
HTML Attributes
HTML Headings
HTML Paragraphs
HTML Styles
HTML Formatting
HTML Quotations
HTML Comments
HTML Colors
HTML Links
Link Colors
Link Bookmarks
HTML Images
Image Map
Background Images
The Picture Element
HTML Tables
HTML Lists
Unordered Lists
Ordered Lists
Other Lists
HTML Block & Inline
HTML Classes
HTML Iframes
HTML JavaScript
HTML File Paths
HTML Layout
HTML Responsive
HTML Computercode
HTML Semantics
HTML Style Guide
HTML Entities
HTML Symbols
HTML Emojis
HTML Charset

HTML Forms

HTML Forms
HTML Form Attributes
HTML Form Elements
HTML Input Types
HTML Input Attributes
HTML Input Form Attributes

HTML Graphics

HTML Canvas

HTML Media

HTML Media
HTML Video
HTML Audio
HTML Plug-ins
HTML YouTube


HTML Geolocation
HTML Drag/Drop
HTML Web Storage
HTML Web Workers

HTML Examples

HTML Examples
HTML Exercises
HTML Certificate
HTML Summary
HTML Accessibility

HTML References

HTML Tag List
HTML Attributes
HTML Global Attributes
HTML Browser Support
HTML Events
HTML Colors
HTML Canvas
HTML Audio/Video
HTML Doctypes
HTML Character Sets
HTML Lang Codes
HTTP Messages
HTTP Methods
PX to EM Converter
Keyboard Shortcuts


<h1> - <h6>

Domain Names, Web Hosting

Domain name registration at a low-cost registrar costs about $10 per year, and basic hosting runs about $6 a month, or less if you sign up for a two or more years. There are many cheaper places to register domains, or host your site, but these are the best value for the money that I've found.

Domain Names
- GoDaddy
- Learn more about domain names
- Keyword Research

Page Speed
Font, Text Size, Line-spacing
Color Extractor

php MySQL


- BlueHost
- Compare hosting companies

Web hosting companies provide space to publish or upload files to the internet. Web hosting services work by providing high-powered servers via a fiber network or hub. As visitors will be downloading your pages into their browser as they surf your site, it's important to use the best web hosting service that you can afford.

Shared hosting is the least expensive service, and also the easiest to start out with. One high-powered computer will act a server for your website files online. Try BlueHost, as we have been hosting our sites with them for several years, without incident. Rates are reasonable, down to $5 monthly (or lower), if buying several years in advance, or closer to $7 a month if signing up for a one year of hosting.

Virtual Private Servers, or VPS, is half-way between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. VPS customers still share the physical server hardware with other VPS customers, but special virtual partitions have their own dedicated resources. Your website will enjoy semi-dedicated CPU and memory allocations, so bad neighbors sharing the same hardware will have a diminished impact on your site speed and stability.

Dedicated Hosting offers an entire server, and users can choose the exact hardware and software specifications to meet their needs. Further, customers have full root access to their servers and can configure and tweak their setup to meet their needs. However, technical knowledge is required, as it will be your responsibility to manage and configure the server.

DreamHost and BlueHost are two web hosting companies that offer a variety of plans. The core features of these two companies are relatively similar, and they both provide web hosting with unlimited space, bandwidth, and email. Each company offers one free domain registration with service and allows for an unlimited number of domains on the same plan. However, when choosing between Dreamhost versus BlueHost, there are other factors to take into consideration.

The following lists outline the features offered with DreamHost and BlueHost services:


Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
Host Unlimited Domains
Free Domain Registraton
SSL Secure Server
cPanel with Simple Scripts
Single Click Installation for over 70 Popular Web Applications
ShopSite Shopping Cart, SEO Tools, Client Management Resources, and Much More
Free SSL Certificate
Free advertising Credits with Several Major Search Engines
Video Tutorials
Concrete5 – User Friendly Site Builder with Templates
VPS Protection Technology
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Anytime Money Back Guarantee


Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
Host Unlimited Domains
Free Domain Registration
SSL Secure Server
DreamHost Custom Control Panel
One- Click Installer for: WordPress, Gallery, ZenCart, PhpGed View, Pligg,
dotProject, Moodle, Joomla, phpBB, MediaWiki, WebCalendar, Advanced Poll, and Trac
Up to $75 in Google AdWords Credits
100% uptime guarantee
97 day money back guarantee

One of the main differences between DreamHost and BlueHost is their control panels. DreamHost uses their own custom interface. It is not as easy to navigate as the one used by BlueHost, but is not a bad operation and has many useful features. However, BlueHost used cPanel with Simple Scripts, a popular hosting panel, with a very large number of favorable web scripts for blogs, forums, image galleries, CMS, wikis, project management, ecommerce, statistics, SEO, social networking, and much more.

Content Writing

- WordPress Themes & Plug-ins
- Woo Themes
- The THESIS Theme
- Color Palette
- How to Start a Blog
- eBooks & Kindle
- ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse
- Moonlighting on the Internet by Yanik Silver
- Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
- The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau
- Audiobooks
- Authorship
- Blogging
- Copywriting
- Dramatic Tension
- Personal Branding
- Public Domain Content

Elements of Style
Google Trends

Images & Copyright Law

- iStockPhoto
- Flickr Creative Commons
- Digital Photography
- Sell Stock Photography
- Sell Stock Photos
- iStockPhoto Affiliate Program
- Photoshop
- Image size, clarity
- Google image search, tags
- Backlinks

Mobile Design
responsive design

page rank
Sales Copy
Google Ads
FB Ads

PPC Ads, Affiliates, Sales Leads

Degree Programs
Popular Career Searches
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